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Cyclo-cross is off-road cycle racing on grass and tracks, up and down banks, on a circuit of up to one mile in length. It is usually held in public parks or on sports fields and is technically and physically less demanding than mountain-biking.

Anyone can enter no matter what their age, ability or bike, provided they have a helmet and their bike is in good working order. There is a category for everyone and separate races for younger riders.

Between September and December Welsh Cyclocross League races are organized by local cycling clubs and take place across South Wales every Sunday. Entry is on the day and is just £1 for Under 12s. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the courses are well-planned and safe.



Abergavenny Road Club’s women Cyclo-cross

Abergavenny Road Club’s women Cyclo-cross skills sessions that take place every Saturday between 9am and 10.15 and are run by Coach Paul Llewelyn Crapper.

Paul looks at the essential cyclo-cross skills such as dismounting/mounting, cornering, steep ascents/descents, bunch riding, carrying the bike and at the start line, and then puts it into practice on a shortened course.

The sessions will continue to run throughout the cyclo-cross season. They are free and suitable for both the seasoned racer and the first time novice.

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